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          E8PA Crystal Card




          Crystal Card


          Eligibility: 1A~5A distributor.  “Tokurei” status distributors are also eligible.
          Term: Valid for one(1) year from the date of registration
          • 50% OFF of regular rate to utilize Enagic affiliated facilities (golf courses, bowling center, and hot spring spa)
          • 10% OFF to rent or stay at an Enagic guest house in Okinawa, Japan or Torrance, CA, USA
          • 10% OFF participation fees for Global Meetings and official seminars
          • Earn E-points from your own membership, plus, when your downline joins, and from 8-point sales. (ex. KW device, Ukon)
          • Use E-points for travel expenses, including family members and/or your downline team when going to Enagic events.
          • E8PA member loyalty discount on Anespa DX, Super-501 and Ukon DD
          • Genealogy(Bubble Tree) - Online access to view your group organization.
          • Commission E-mail service - Receive notifications when you have expected commission!
          • Counts as one(1) unit sale. (cannot be used as the direct sale to rank up to 2A~6A)
          • Receive 100,000 special bonus E-Points (worth US$100)by renewing your membership
          • When promoted to 6A, you will automatically upgrade to E8PA Bronze with no extra fee.(valid until initial expiration date)
          • E8PA membership may be upgraded by redeeming earned E-points during membership term.(commission will not change)
          • This card is available from 1A to 5A only.
          • E8PA Crystal registrations count as 0.5 unit sales for Enagic distributor incentives.
          • Distributors with multiple distributorships are limited to placement of this card only beneath their main account. ex.) If you have a 5A Ukon DD account and your main account is 6A, you are limited to the purchase of a Bronze or higher E8PA card.
          Promotional Campaign: Register within January and receive 100,000 bonus E-Points(worth US$100)!! First-time registrations for other ranks can also earn bonus points during this campaign (JAN 2019) *single payments only
          This option is only available to users who have purchased a Genealogy Request.

          If you have already purchased a report, please login to submit a request. If you are an E8PA member, please go to https://information.enagic.com.
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